Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Got RAOK'd Today!!

When the postman came today what a surprise when this huge package was there. I had been RAOK'd by Jakkie! RAOK is a Random Act Of Kindness that a person just sends to another for no reason. Just exactly as it says, RAOK! There are beautiful fabrics, beads, motif's trims, theads even needles! Thank you Jakkie and you can be sure I will "Pay It Forward".


Lindy from Indy said...

Hey SSis - how ya doing?? I'm finally back on line and just wanted to say "hi" - you deserved to be RAOK'd today!!!! Enjoy!! Talk w/ya soon!!

Lindy from Indy

joker said...

You got quite some cool stuffs there... :)you rock!!!

I like your blog. I think it is cool... the contents are interesting in my opinion. I have bookmarked your blog, keep it up!

Do drop by my blog and have a look.

Charlene said...

Hey! Aren't those surprises grand? LOVE the look of your blog!! Very nice.