Friday, November 30, 2007

Decorated Indoors For Christmas

Our Tree is up whooopiee!:=) The other pic's are a few of the ceramic items I made over the years when I had my ceramic business. My favorite is the deer, they look so soft like you can squeeze them, but of course they're ceramics:) I only have a few things, as most of what I made I gave away:) The set you see was my MIL's before she passed away, so now each year I put out hers one year and my mom's the next. I've since given my set to my daughter:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yellow Fishy Blanket for Project Linus

I finally got the yellow quilt done for Project Linus, it'll be the last one I work on for a while. I have a number of Christmas presents I need to get finished up and then some UFO's that desperately need attention:)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tea Cozies for Christmas

These are the Tea Cozies I've been working on for Christmas gifts. I love the black and white kitty fabric one. I've got my eye on a black tea pot for it.:)

Signs on my Blog

You'll see signs on the left hand side of my blog and if you'll take the time to click on them, it will take you to the site. There, click on the button that says click daily, and you'll help those in need. The Childs Health site, Sponsors Pay for Health Care for Children; Hunger Site, Sponsors pay for cups of food; The Rainforest Site, sponsors pay for habitat protection. Please click on or all three, it only only take a few seconds to do it and help others. On my Candis Eye Candy there are two more. One for Breast Cancer and the Other for Animal Hunger site. Please check them out as well. Most of us can't do much to help all of these important organizations but just by taking a few seconds to "click" daily we can help:) Thank you for your help

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Table Runner Complete

I've wanted a table runner for Christmas for the longest time, but never took time out to make one. I got this one finished last week and I'm real happy with it. The red fabric is some I dyed myself so that makes it even a little more special.:)

Quilts for The Linus Project

I've gotten two more quilts completed for The Linus Project and one more that I'm working on, I hope will be done next week. Hopefully before Thanksgiving:)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My dear friends quilt is almost done

I finished the quilt top for my friends Christmas present, and today I got the backing done so now it's ready to go:) whooo hooo What a challange this one was in getting measurements accurate etc. My living room is not that large and I have overstuffed furniture in it, so it takes up most of the floor space. lol We took the coffee table out, moved everything back as far as we could and just kind of trudged along and got it done. My DH is a doll, he never complained once and gets right in there and gives me the extra hands I need. Thank you dear, I really do appreciate you:)