Friday, November 30, 2007

Decorated Indoors For Christmas

Our Tree is up whooopiee!:=) The other pic's are a few of the ceramic items I made over the years when I had my ceramic business. My favorite is the deer, they look so soft like you can squeeze them, but of course they're ceramics:) I only have a few things, as most of what I made I gave away:) The set you see was my MIL's before she passed away, so now each year I put out hers one year and my mom's the next. I've since given my set to my daughter:)


Susan said...

I love your little deer! I like the snowmen mugs, too. How nice that you have some things, at least. I see the white tree!

Niki said...

Hi Candi :)
Wanted to introduce myself and say HI. I'm Niki. I'm the owner of Niki's Ventures Blog :) susan you and I are in the new ring together. YA! I love meeting new crafters/stitchers/quilters. HUGS from AZ.